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The full name of San Cristobal is San Cristobal de la Habana, it is a Cuban cigar brand and produced in Habanos SA. This cigar was started its production in 20th November, 1999, officially. Cristobal de la Habana was the original name of Havana in 16th Century and this cigar was named following that.

Before the Revolution, San Cristobal de la Habana was a cigar one famous brand; the production w

This brand is the latest addition of the brand may be the new series for Havana. The first four vitolas were tremendous, so it took less time to get a good position and soon became a great competitor. As the meaning of the cigars named after the protector of the city of its origin, they performed like the protector of the reputation of Havana’s best tobacco. San Cristobal is one of the top class cigars and also has the touch of the modern technology. This is one of the most popular Cuban cigars now a day, produced by Cuban market. San Cristobal introduced to the world the classiest and tasty cigar and it changes the idea of the cigar aroma. It produces different types of cigars and all of them are quite different from each other. Featuring of different types of flavors, it includes wooded taste and leathery, earthy taste. San Cristobal has the reputation and popularity, people generally do not pay their attention on its price, though sometimes it is high than the other brands. The flavors and aroma of San Cristobal is special, because it has pure and perfect tobacco blend in it in it. This kind of tobacco, are top level leaves with the most high quality flavor and also strongest. Some of the products have nice coffee flavors with a twist of sweetness. Still most of the products have strong taste with bold smoking. With the spicy art of flavors it can fades into a woody taste with toasted notes. With the best performance and great service it is one of the best and popular cigars. Until the last puff people enjoy this brand and that’s the secret of the popularity of San Cristobalall over the world. It is available in different sizes with great aroma. With medium sizes it has medium strength and great taste. It has no harshness like the other brand It gives a great taste in every puff and people enjoy it very much. It respect the royalty that presented by its name so, it gives a great performance and provide a good commitment to the people. So those who tried it don’t want to leave it. The appearance of this cigar is very influential and powerful. Rustic wrapper could not reduce but increases the attraction. The smell is not just amazing it is just tremendous. It gives a nice blend of Chocolate and Cream. The construction is well enough, but the tunneling is good. It gives the strong and harsh flavor of Havana; it provides sweet and easy smoke. . It has a wild taste that attracts those who live strong smoke. Sometimes it gives the smell of the cherry. Some of the products of this brand have nuts and caramel taste with woody chocolate those are liked by all kind of smokers. The decoration of the box is also amazing. The leathery aroma and the cool looks of this cigar are loved by most of the cigar lovers. Authentic draw and classy taste makes all of the products of this cigar famous and popular. Once anyone tries this they can hardly prevent him to taste it again. Moreover it creates a great personality and tremendous image all over the world by its great performance. San Cristobal gives a world class performance and San Cristobel De La Habana El Morro Cigars is one of the best cigars in this brand. San Cristobel De La Habana El Morro Cigars is the best production in this brand and also very popular. It gives delicious taste and gives a new explore experience to the customer. With peppery flavor and several ingredients it gives a great experience to the people. The finishing of this brand is also great and outstanding, with different taste fusion. It has perfect aging, so gives a great taste and a lot of fun as well. San Cristobal de la Habana el Principe is another best and popular member in this family. It is a great relaxing cigar with marvelous blend of tobacco. The first third of this cigar is more powerful and more interesting it gives a complex taste of straight tobacco. After burning it gives a great option of finding a new aroma. It makes a perfect combination of taste and appearance. The San Cristobal De La Habana La Fuerza has a sweet flavor and smooth smoke cigar feeling, where San Cristobal De La Habana Le Punta gives a straight tobacco taste. They all have uniqe and outstanding taste. All of the cigars in San Cristobal give enjoyment to every kind of people. It gives the power to the people to choose their favorite flavor and give them a great satisfaction. Whatever the favorite and preferable taste a man has, this brand has definitely one option for them. It gives a classy taste for everyone and the aroma stays after the smoke for a long time.


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