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Quintero y Hermano is a tremendous cigar and this is an identity two cigar brands first one is produced in Cuba for Habanos SA and the other one is for Honduras for General Cigar Company. The brand was first registered in 1924 Quintero y Hermanos in Cienfuegos, Cuba. The own Cigar company was produced by Agustín Quintero in the same year. The brand Quintero y Hermanos was popular in the Spanish market specially. The production for Habanos SA was very famous one, and that was owned by Cuban St

It gives a great taste in every puff and people enjoy it very much. It respect the royalty that presented by its name so, it gives a great performance and provide a good commitment to the people. So those who tried it don’t want to leave it. The appearance of this cigar is very influential and powerful. Rustic wrapper could not reduce but increases the attraction. The smell is not just amazing it is just tremendous. It gives a nice blend of Chocolate and Cream. The construction is well enough, but the tunneling is good. It gives the strong and harsh flavor of Havana; it provides sweet and easy smoke. . It has a wild taste that attracts those who live strong smoke. Sometimes it gives the smell of the cherry. Some of the products of this brand have nuts and caramel taste with woody chocolate those are liked by all kind of smokers. The decoration of the box is also amazing. The leathery aroma and the cool looks of this cigar are loved by most of the cigar lovers. Authentic draw and classy taste makes all of the products of this cigar famous and popular. Once anyone tries this they can hardly prevent him to taste it again. Quintero y Hermano has several flavors and varies with different fillers stuffed in the cigar. Quintero y Hermano has the reputation and popularity, people generally do not pay their attention on its price, though sometimes it is high than the other brands. The flavors and aroma of Quintero y Hermano is special, because it has ligero tobacco in it. This kind of tobacco, are top level leaves with the most high quality flavor and also strongest. Some of the products have nice coffee flavors with a twist of sweetness. Still most of the products have strong taste with bold smoking. With the spicy art of flavors it can fades into a woody taste with toasted notes. With the best performance and great service it is one of the best and popular cigars. Until the last puff people enjoy this brand and that’s the secret of the popularity of Quintero y Hermano all over the world. Special Wooden Barrels used in Quintero y Hermano, and filled with unique tobacco, the aim of the Quintero y Hermano production is to deliver smooth flavor that is different from other cigars. Quintero y Hermano is liked by all kind of people, as it tend to be full bodied and also medium bodied flavor. After the third barrel fermentation the Quintero y Hermano fillers get its smooth flavor and body. It fills with two best Cuban leaves that is- Seco and Ligero. The blend is very smooth and tasty, so people, who want perfectness, love Quintero y Hermano. The strength of this cigar is robust and strong, so attract people a lot. Who want to have a soft flavor with the taste of coffee Quintero y Hermano is the best option. Each and every cigar of Quintero y Hermano has different taste, some of them have black coffee taste and some them has the fresh roasted flavor of coffee beans. And the taste of the limited edition is tremendous and has aged wrapper. People who tasted Quintero y Hermano with leathery taste with the finest flavor will never going to forget that in their life. It is known internationally because of its great taste and great flavor. It has simple packaging and it gives a great value and great consideration of fillers. The main attraction is that, it gives the highest quality of service in a very low price. So people love it, as they can have great Cuban flavor in a less expensive price. The taste is unmatched and the construction is very attractive. The flavor has a great smoothness and incredible aroma. It is a bit strong but with typical Cuban flavor in it. So those who are novice smoker can also try it and very good option for the strong smokers. It will help every people to get lost in Cuban smell. With medium sizes it has medium strength and great taste. It has no harshness like the other brand and also has a great balance of different flavors. It started as a domestically Cuban brand but soon it became very popular in the international way. The rich taste of tobacco in the reasonable price in only available in this brand. Breva, Londres, Nacional and Panetela are the Vitolas of Quintero y Hermano and they all are different from m one another. The full bodied cigar with both machine finished and hand finished are very rare in the cigar brands. So Quintero y Hermano is a great brand in this regard as it has the both option and a great sea of perfect smoking.


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