We at value the privacy of the clients. That is the reason that we have developed the following Privacy Statement. This is to show our respect to the privacy of our clients and to impress upon the fact how much we value this. 

The purpose of writing this statement is to convey the methods of information collection and distribution to our clients. The statement tells our clients the way we use, give to others and keep in safe custody the information collected from them in the course of business. This important and confidential information is basically related to the input provided by the clients to confirm their identity like that of the e-mail address, name, address, personal identity numbers etc. By using the web site is considered that you agree to this privacy statement, else you are advised not to make use of any act on this website.

The need of making and publicly declaring the privacy Statement is made mandatory under the aegis of a self regulating body whose job is to protect the trust and confidence of the clients using internet and ensure that wise practices are followed by the users in course of doing business transactions. is committed to do its business in conformity to this privacy statement. It is for this commitment only that has consented to reveal its information handling practices; and is offering their privacy policy to put displayed on internet and also to be evaluated for compliance by the concerned agency and general public at large.

If you have any query or concern related to this privacy statement, you are welcome to talk to Genius Support at our website

The methodology of information collection and use

It you are a mere visitor to our website then there is no need to provide any personal information. Rather no such information shall be sought for the purpose. But I you intend to buy product from our website and want to do some financial transactions, then we shall be asking you to register on the site and create the user account. This will subsequently enable you to buy product from the website and also to make payment or seek refund to keep track of the orders booked from the website.

To complete the order and deliver it accurately we collect the minimum required information as the name, email, address, contact information, gender, age etc. As the buyer are asked to make payment online so we have deployed safe payment gateways an in course of transaction collect sensitive information as card number and the CVV number required to do the transactions.

Normally the above information is to be fed once at the time of creating the account and putting up your first order. The information collected enables us to create a dedicated personal account of the user to keep track of the transaction specifically related to them. The information collected related to the credit a card enables us to process payments for the orders booked on our website.

The contact numbers and the addresses are collected to correctly effect the shipment of the products at the designated address of the client. The contact details are also used to inform our clients of any new development, sales promotion scheme or launch of any new product. But we assure your clients that shall never reveal your information to any other party even for the purpose of promotion of our products.

When visitors visit our website we collect the information related to the internet address. This information is normally made use of for solving any technical issues faced by the clients, understand the sales trends as well as keep a close watch on all kinds of movements on the website to understand the expectations of the customers to use this information to ensure continuous improvements in products and services. We regularly analyse the business statistics in general and through the single clients and visitors.

If the clients are using the “refer a friend service” then they shall be asked to share the name and email address of the person they are referring to. Subsequently we shall send the invitation to the subject person. But the use of the name and email address of the referred person shall be limited to this.

In case the client allows then we post their testimonials with their name, contact no or the email address. If client allows then other customers on the site may contact him regarding the quality of the product and services of But if a client publish any personal information along with testimonial on his own, the shall not be held responsible for its use by other visitors to the site.

Disclosure and sharing of the information

We at are committed not to share the personal information of our clients to any third party except for the ones that are entrusted with the task of delivery of the products to the client at the designated address. By using this information we also interact with the third parties to verify or process the payments made by the clients and also to process and deliver the chosen product to the clients. But these parties are also clarified and bound not to use your information for any other than the intended purpose only.

In case is acquired by someone else, than the client’s personal information shall also be given to the new party as part of the transfer of the assets. However, in such a case the clients shall be notified through the mail about the purpose and ways that the new party shall utilise the client’s information.

Also, shall be legally bound to disclose the client’s information to any government agency as part of some legal investigation or legal action. However, this shall be done only after receiving the request from the concerned agency in writing.

If you want to opt out for any reason then the client can inform us of the fact in writing through e-mail and we shall send the link to client so as to enable him unsubscribe any such facility.

Safety and Security Measures is using the best and state of the art safety programs to protect the users form and loss of scam.

We at reserve the right to change any portion of this privacy statement and in such a case the client shall be intimated of the change via e-mail.

In case you have any query regarding the privacy statement, please feel free to contact us at