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Por Larrañaga is a tremendous cigar and this is an identity two cigar brands first one is produced in Cuba for Habanos SA and the other one is for Atladis. The production for Habanos SA was very famous one, and that was owned by Cuban State Tobacco Company. The other one that is produced by Atladis, that is a division of Imperial Tobacco. Ignacio Larrañaga was the producer of the Por Larrañaga and registered this company in 1834. Por Larrañaga became very popular in a very short time. The unique cigar rolling make the brand more powerful one in the

The popularity was increased very rapidly and creates a great competition. This powerful brand was produced in a very short amount of price and with great taste. In 1925 this brand started to make first machine made cigar and changed the concept of Cuban cigars. This brand became the sixth largest brand in the Cuba at the time of revolution. Until 1970 this great brand became a very popular and favorite brand to all. In the 1980 and 1990 the production was reduced dramatically and also the export in some countries. But in Canada and all over the Middle East the export remains the same as well as the popularity. After the fell down in the production the brand became totally handmade and started to produce handmade production only. In 2006 some limited boxes of Por Larrañaga produced in Germany. But in 2007 was the reborn year of Por Larrañaga as in this year it started its business in United States. Some of the cigars in this brand in US used Mexican Maduro and vitolas with different flavors rather than Cuba. The specialty of the brand is tremendous and extraordinary. The taste and with the perfect filler it again conquer people’s heart so precisely. Por Larrañaga is full of smoothness and different combination of taste. It can be found in two flavors, one in full bodied and the other one is medium bodied. It has powerful smoke with cream flavor and chocolaty aroma that increased its demand in globe. It gives splendid class and has two types of cap, those are pointed and narrow. It has excellent Pre- Draw and the Maduro wrapper with delightful veins, makes everyone happy. Wrappers have some oily flavor that is tremendous, and also gives creamy and chocolaty pure aroma. It makes a luxurious mixture of sweetness and strong flavor. They are all has the highest Cuban tobacco and flexible for the beginners. Each and every puff of the cigar gives the same feeling, and also changes the atmosphere with a pleasant feeling. The unforgettable smoking of tobacco and high class flavor makes the cigar more enlightened. The combination was first come out from the Red Indians and had the belief that this tobacco has the mysterious power to remove the evil characters from a man. Before doing any important work or in any social occasion they used to smoke. The pass their warrior to a room that filled with tobacco smokes and thinks that it may increase their chance to win. The sweetness and the softness of this cigar attract people in a great deal. It continuously produces high quality of cigars and keeps its production. Sometimes it includes some limited edition which makes its more preferable choice. The line of the burn is rather straight and bun very slowly, so give full taste. The most important thing of this cigar is different products has different taste, in some cigar can feel like peeper, and some smooth and creamy. The deeper is the richer of this cigar. With the hint of hot summer it will give a feel of spring. The fillers are exclusively qualified and extraordinary. And the limited editions are fully different from the others, as the fillers of them are exclusive. The Cedary taste is not that strong, so some of the products are not so much pleasant for the strong smokers. Some of them have leathery and different taste. Some of the leaves are very smooth and gives a great taste. Por Larrañaga gives a great taste in every puff and people enjoy it very much. It respect the royalty that presented by its name so, it gives a great performance and provide a good commitment to the people. So those who tried it don’t want to leave it. The appearance of this cigar is very influential and powerful. Rustic wrapper could not reduce but increases the attraction. The smell is not just amazing it is just tremendous. It gives a nice blend of Chocolate and Cream. The construction is well enough, but the tunneling is good. It gives the strong and harsh flavor of Havana; it provides sweet and easy smoke. . It has a wild taste that attracts those who live strong smoke. Sometimes it gives the smell of the cherry. Some of the products of this brand have nuts and caramel taste with woody chocolate those are liked by all kind of smokers. With the taste Excellency it has nice wrappers with dark toasted flavor. It offers a creamy taste, with easy smoke. The leathery aroma and the cool looks of this cigar are loved by most of the cigar lovers. Authentic draw and classy taste makes all of the products of this cigar famous and popular. Once anyone tries this they can hardly prevent him to taste it again. Por Larrañaga is usually connecting sweetness of caramel and delicate aromatic flavors. The strength has a great variety from mild to full body and also gives a great joy. The coffee flavor makes it more special. It gives some coffee taste and sometimes the flavor is going to remind Cedar flavor. The perfect burning character makes it more demandable and also increases the attraction of it. The formation is very narrow and the excellent fragrance makes it marvelous. This cigar has proper aging that is missed in many cigars. The perfect construction makes it more popular and also increases its demand in every nation.


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