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The history of Juan Lopez started from 1870; Juan Diaz opened a manufacturing in Havana, Cuba. In 1876 Juan Lopez created a great brand and the name was ‘La Flor of Juan Lopez.’ The owner of this brand knew that the taste of perfect cigar and also the flavor. That is why he only used the finest tobacco Cuba and never compromised with it. He brought the leaves from Vuelta Abajo region one of the finest places for the tobacco in the world. After some years he succeeded to built a great reputation of his brand and created a scope for Global market. This great man was passed away in

After Cuban revolution and overtaking of Fidel Castro’s power this cigar brand was again registered by Cuban Government. In 1960, Cuba again started the cigar industry with full speed, because this is one of the largest industries that they were famous for. Under Cuban Officials Juan Lopez continued its service and it loose its popularity at that time. In 1970-1980 it became the minor share holder in among cigar brands. But later of that time it regains its power and started to hold a great position. At the present time it has two daughter brands of cigars under its own name. 1st one that is produced in Cuba by state owned Company in the industry of tobacco of Habanos SA, and another one is by the Altadis USA in Nicaragua. The production of this brand by Altadis USA in Nicaragua was marketed separately to the American audiences. In fact they are sole legal cigars from this brand that can offer by retailers in the US owing to trade embargos with Cuba. After year passed the things changed gradually and now it gains its share and loved but people a lot. Many cigar lovers are now like to buy this one and this cigar now is the best one. Juan Lopez is famous and one of the reason of its popularity is it is still made by hand. And that increase the purity of it. It is known as the best handmade Havana cigar all over the world. It has very limited styles and Vitolas, but all of them have the specialty and perfectness. The cigar is very attractive because of its medium strength and aftertaste is woody so people love it. It has light tones and can found in medium to strength. It has first class workmanship, and a unique taste with tremendous smelling. This kind of tobacco, are top level leaves with the most high quality flavor and also strongest. Some of the products have nice coffee flavors with a twist of sweetness. This brand has full of smoothness and different combination of taste. This is a symbol of royalty and Excellency. This is a best option for the beginners or the mild level smokers. The different Vitolas of this cigar are unique and all of its produces taste and flavor different from one another. It has excellent Pre- Draw and the Maduro wrapper with delightful veins, makes everyone happy. Wrappers have some oily flavor that is tremendous, and also gives creamy and chocolaty pure aroma. It makes a luxurious mixture of sweetness and strong flavor. Still most of the products have strong taste with bold smoking. It is liked by all kind of people, as it tend to be full bodied and also medium bodied flavor. It is available in different sizes with great aroma. With medium sizes it has medium strength and great taste. It has no harshness like the other brand. Each and every puff of the cigar gives the same feeling, and also changes the atmosphere with a pleasant feeling. The smell is not just amazing it is just tremendous. It gives a nice blend of Chocolate and Cream. The construction is well enough, but the tunneling is good. It gives the strong and harsh flavor of Havana; it provides sweet and easy smoke. It has a wild taste that attracts those who live strong smoke. Sometimes it gives the smell of the cherry. Some of the products of this brand have nuts and caramel taste with woody chocolate those are liked by all kind of smokers. The decoration of the box is also amazing. The unforgettable smoking of tobacco and high class flavor makes the cigar more enlightened. The combination was first come out from the Red Indians and had the belief that this tobacco has the mysterious power to remove the evil characters from a man. Before doing any important work or in any social occasion they used to smoke. The pass their warrior to a room that filled with tobacco smokes and thinks that it may increase their chance to win. Juan Lopez Double sampler, petit corona cigars are some of the great options of this great brand. The position of this brand is still in the high mainly because of Juan Lopez seleccion No. 1 and Juan Lopez seleccion No. 2. Juan Lopez seleccion No. 1 was awarded as “Havana of the year” in France and also in the Spain in 1998. These cigars have great quality of flavors and also great quality of flavors. This is a mind refreshing brand and also great option to have fun. Most of the cigar provides a great taste in the beginning, and the taste gets worse after every puff. But Juan Lopez is not like them, it continues its great service until the last puff. Appearance of this cigar is very influential and powerful, that also attracts many people. Juan Lopez is not produced as largely as its past production, but it continues its loyalty and quality as like its history.


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