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Hoyo de Monterrey is a great premium cigar brand and also the oldest brands in the whole world. Like the other old cigar it has a great reputation and also a great history. Hoyo de Monterrey is a great exceptional cigar, and the story begun from the very before of the world. 10 years aged small and little child came to search a work and got it in a firm of his uncle. The place was Cuba, where the history of Hoyo de Monterrey started and the time was 1831. The name of the boy was Don José Gener y and his uncles firm was in plantation in Vuelta Abajo. Today it is hard to imagine that any boy at
After 20 years, Don José Gener y would start his own factory to produce cigar in Havana, Cuba. As he found that it has great potential and also has tremendous chance of success. So he took the bigger challenge. La Escepción was his first cigar line that was produced in his firm. In 1865, when he had enough profit from his company, he registered another cigar line Hoyo de Monterrey using the best tobaccos of Vuelta Abajo. His target was American market and he was successful in this regard. He made a great profit. And his Company got a great success with great reputation. He took special care in every sector, from manufacturing to producing and also managing the highest rank with pride. The profits of this company were expanded by José Gener, as he bought the tobaccos from the best market and the best fields in Cuba. He bought the best lands of the fillers in Cuba that is famous for the great plantation. The brand got an overnight success in American and British market. José Gener registered the company with the name of rich valley or whole and it might be the reason to choose that name. The tobacco for Hoyo de Monterrey grew in a valley so he chose that name. The name is very creative, as at that time maximum cigar was named by the owner or any famous person. José Gener was a lover of perfection so he produced the perfect product and increased the level of Cuban cigar all over the world. Hoyo de Monterrey is a Spanish word meaning “the hole of Monterrey. This brand became tremendously popular and soon they get their own profit. In British market it created an extraordinary reputation and the factory of Don José Gener y created the reputation as the biggest Companies in Cuba. In 1900, after the passing of the Company owner of Hoyo de Monterrey in Spain, Lutgarda Gener daughter of Don José Gener took the authority. She took care of this business for another 30 year and she did it very successfully. The turning point of this company was in 1931, the owner of this brand Gener group sold it to do more sugar cane business. New brand bought this and started to produce more cigars and the brand was firm of Fernández, Palicio y Cía. They started to lineup impressively and those got a great popularity among the world. Hoyo de Monterrey remains the same and gives its best service in Havana, created a place and became more popular in Honduras. From that time to now it still is very popular in global cigar market. Among the other cigars the some special brands were priced partially and differently, because of its favorable brand quality. Hoyo de Monterrey was started as a local brand but it took a great place in global market. And this brand has been selected for limited edition until 2000. The lineup was so favorable so people were crazy to buy these products. Up to the next year this cigar gains a great and tremendous success and still it reflects the same history. Not only in Havana or Cuba it spreads the power of real tobacco all over the world including most powerful and developed countries. Particularly new size came to this new brand and soon it gains the powerful place in people’s heart. After some years it started different brands under this cigar and included special editions in every year. And the process continued still all over the world. The special edition is very limited so people buy them crazily when it came in to the market. The ways of Hoyo de Monterrey was not that smooth. The problems came into the way and for a certain time it loses the popularity. The designs were changed after that and new designs started to regain the popularity. People started to believe again in Hoyo de Monterrey and gave it a huge profit. After a great struggle it became the great brands in the world. The Mini and the Midi are the two machine made cigar categories in this brand. This brand is perfect for any kind of smokers from novice to regular. It increases the enjoyment of the evening and best one to enjoy with the friends. It has a smooth flavor with full tobacco smell, a cocoa taste with surprisingly amazing smoke. This cigar has a great flavor and aroma, with top level leaves with the most high quality flavor and also strongest. With the richness of flavor and complexity of the taste Hoyo de Monterrey made a great place in the world. This rich cigar has great aromatic flavor and encouraged by many famous people including Kings and Presidents. All of the products in this brand have secured the honor of the Cuba, with the great flavor and great taste.


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