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Fonseca named after Don Francisco E. Fonseca, who was born in Manzanillo, Cuba in 1869 or 1870. He established a factory in Havana in 1892, registered the brand in his name in 1892. In 1903, after immigration to New York, Don Francisco E. Fonseca and his wife Teresa Boetticher de Fonseca they opened the factory at 169 Front Street. in 1895 he became American citizen and in 1905 he registered his Company was done. Soon he beacame a successful person and well known by all. Fonseca is a handmade product that has the great blend of tobacco from Cuba, and from Vuelta Abajo region. Accentually th

Don Francisco E. Fonseca started wrapping of the cigar in Japanese Tissue Paper and use Tin Tubes to packaging the Cigars. Now Aluminum is used to pack it. In 1929 he died because of Heart Attack, but his business was not stopped. His wife, Teresa Boetticher de Fonseca continued the Company with a great success and joined the Company with T. Castañeda and G. Montero to build the firm of Castañeda, Montero, Fonseca SA. After the revolution the production of this brand was going on. It is cheaper than the other Cuban Cigar, so people liked it so much. Fonseca is exported mainly, Canada and Spain and there that Brand is very popular because of its mild standard. Spanish Poet Federico García Lorca said about Fonseca in his poem, “Son de negros en Cuba” about the Blond head of Fonseca. This one is the only one Cuban cigar that offers transparent wrappers with delicate beauty. This kind of wrapper helps to obtain the humidity level and protect it from any kind damage. This is another reason of the vast popularity of this cigar. The unique appearance of Fonseca was loved by people at that time, and that is still true. From the 20th century Fonseca is producing tremendous flavors and the tradition is going on. With the mild sweet taste and herbal flavor the aroma of this cigar won the heart of many cigar lovers. With the short fillers Fonseca serves more than the expecting region of people. It has pepper flavor in it. The blend of the fillers is smooth and that’s why it gives a clean smoking touch. From the first puff to the last it gives a sweet and lovely feeling to the people. The smoke is also very rare has some sweet taste with sugary flavor. The rate of the taste increases with the puff. At the midpoint of this cigar it gives great taste. With the medium bodied configuration this cigar has a awesome outlook. Leathery feeling with black pepper taste makes it more attractive, in one word just tremendous. This is a Premium Blend Cigar, and continues the reputation of its birthplace, Cibao Valley. This is a handmade cigar; trecio aged the famous factory Matasa, and has a great smoke. It has a very strong side and also peppery flavor. Some of the cigar also has caramel flavor and also smooth taste. The aftertaste of this product is great, so people all over the word like it in a great deal. Fonseca is a great brand in Cuba, once it was sold in only its motherhood. But it is also produced from Dominican Republic by Manuel ‘Manolo’ Quesada. It attracted many people’s attraction because of its light color wrapper. Don Francisco E. Fonseca mixed the long fillers with the tasteful Mexican tobacco and makes it more delightful. He made the long fillers more fashionable, so attracted by young people. It has an exquisite taste of Dominican mixture of tobacco with Tercio aging; this produces a creamy flavor and also retains the natural oils. The fillers and the aromas has the natural taste and natural touch. Don Francisco E. Fonseca isn’t like the other brand with great history, but with unique taste and flavor. It is the only cigar with wrapping in Japanese tissue paper, and people were very surprised when it was started. With the limited edition Fonseca took the guarantee to produce the finest and the awesome production of the best Habano cigar. It gives with perfect cigar smoking feeling, and a synonym of completeness. Some of the cigar in this brand has complete and nice rich wrapper that can feel people classy and happy. The flavors of nuts and some Earthy notes make it more preferable. Fonseca has great ring gauge with perfect sizing. And it is for any time and for anywhere. For the beginners it is the best option and it has less complex smoke, so people can offer it to their relatives and friends anytime. It also offers the best price and the best categories. One of the famous cigars in Fonseca was released in 2006 and that was a very promising cigar. Some of the cigars in this brand has Cuban Criollo 98 wrapper and the tobacco comes from Nicaragua. The aging process of Fonseca takes 5 years, as the perfection of any cigar depends on the fillers and aging. It is firm and people will find no soft spots. With a solid construction and great visual outlook attracts most of the customers. It also produces smooth smoke, with consistent white color. Fonseca can be found as medium bodied to full bodied and also peppery to sweet. That means huge type of combination of taste. Fonseca makes smoking more interesting as people will find several tastes in a very short and easy smoke. The box of Fonseca is also making it more precious. With a simple outlook, it attracts the attention of everyone. It gives long ashes, and also the price is not high. Fonseca is a very old brand and has a great reputation, so it always tries to give the high class performance and also a great experience.


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