Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the places where you can deliver the items?

We deliver our items to every country and every location across the globe.

Each country has its own laws about the import and use of tobacco products and in some countries delivery of Cuban cigars is prohibited by law. So before placing an order, be sure to find out from the local customs whether the delivery of Cuban cigars can be made to your place or not.

Our company is not liable to pay for shipment delays or other problems in delivery due to the imposition of taxes and custom duties by the local authorities. Please note that our company does not have any control over the rules and regulations laid down by the customs departments by other countries of the world. Our company believes that all our customers are aware of the rules enforced by their local customs departments when they are ordering for some product with us.

How much time do we have to wait for our delivery?

Please note that it takes usually30 days to make our deliveries of the products ordered by you. This delivery period does not include holidays or weekends. The products are despatched on the same day or on the following day from the time you place your order with us. If the products are not available in our stocks when you place the order then you will be given an option for cancelling your order or asked to wait for some more time for the product with to reach you with a delayed delivery period.  

Please ring up our offices to know the delivery charges of TNT as it is the only service provider in those parts.

How does the wrapper’s colour affect a cigar’s taste?

More than seventy colours are used for the wrappers that come with Cuban cigars, out of which dark brown, brown, green, reddish brown are the colours used for Montecristo 4 brand of the darkest variety of Habanos Cuban cigars.

The company always tries its best to send the cigars with wrappers having the particular colour which was requested by you. The Habanos Cuban cigars having wrappers coloured from dark to light brown has nearly the same blend and does not depend on the colour of the wrapper. As a matter of fact, the colour of the wrapper has only a 3% effect on the strength and taste of the cigar.

The strength and taste of a cigar depends more on its age, e.g. a 6 month old Montecristo 4 cigar is stronger in its taste than a 3 month old Montecristo 4 cigar. Similarly a cigar which is 5 years old will be stronger than a 6 month old cigar.

Is it possible to smoke a cigar as soon as it arrives?

Storing the cigars in the humidor for seven days on arrival is recommended as the ideal storage time which is necessary to remove the dehydration during shipment. Please note that the environment affects the cigar directly. Storing the cigar in the humidor helps it to ferment more and improve its taste. The more time you allow the cigar to regain its humidity the stronger it will it be for you. You also need the correct type of humidor to store all kinds of cigars.

What is your mode of delivery and how much time do the cigars take to reach me?

The fastest delivery period is 30 days from the stores to your doorstep normally when ordered online. Customers in Italy and Asia get their orders delivered within 30 days if there is no delay in shipping through the delivery system used by TNT. Rest assured that there will be no damage during the shipment of the product to you. For more information on our shipment and delivery policies on cigars, please visit our website.

What happens if the products ordered by me are not delivered at all?

In the event that you order does not reach you in time, we request you to be a bit more patient as there may be delays in the delivery due to reasons which we are not able to control. You can opt for a refund of your money or a reshipment of the same product if the earlier shipment is not delivered within 20 days not including holidays and weekends. You will not get a refund once you opt for a reshipment even if the products were not delivered. In the event the earlier shipment does get delivered to you, then you will have to pay the reshipment charges only. We DO NOT reimbursed orders declined by customers that simply dont want to pay taxes. Once again, we can´t be fully aware of each Domestic Customs Office around the world. If any such situation does occur, please feel free to make contact with us so that we can help you overcome the situation. 

Is the shipment done in original packages?

All products are delivered in their original packaging. We ship in original boxes to most countries. To avoid any problems with some country customs, we will send Cigars separate from the Rings and the original box.

What modes of payment are acceptable to you?

Payments through credit cards issued by VISA, AMEX or JCB are all acceptable to us for your online orders of Cuban cigars. Wire transfers and payments through Western Union or MoneyGram are also accepted. For any clarifications regarding payment modes and payment procedures our customer service group can provide you with all the information you need.

Are certificates required for the import of cigars?

No certificate is required for importing cigars but you may be asked to pay import duties if the package containing your cigars is opened by the customs.

What happens if the cigars do not satisfy me?

In case the cigars you ordered fail to satisfy you, then you can return 95% of the ordered items in their original packing boxes and with the receipt for an immediate refund. Please contact our customer services for more information on the matter.