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It is proven by the scientists that people used to smoke before 5000 years ago, when there was no way to communicate. The Aztecs and the Mayans are known as the first people who started smoking and introducing many different flavors of tobacco all over the world. The tobacco was not only the part of their recreation but also related with their belief. They spread this great power of relaxing all over the world and many of the brands were created. Romeo Y Julieta El Rey Del Mundo is one of the famous Cuban Cigar brand, that was started its journey in 1822 from Havana, Cuba and now loved by t

It is believed that El Rey Del Mundo started its journey in 1848, and the creator was German Businessman Emilo Ohmstedt. The meaning of El Rey Del Mundo is King of the world and this is a Spanish word. And This Brand was known as most Expensive and Prestigious cigar brands. In 1882 the authority of this brand was taken by Antonio Allones. Some connoisseur of cigar claims that, El Rey Del Mundo became extinct after the death of Emilo Ohmstedt and started its function again after Antonio Allones authorized it. But one famous cigar specialist Min Ron Nee maintains El Rey Del Mundo under after Antonio Allones. The brand reached the highest level in the aspect of quality and popularity. In 1905 this company again went to a new authorization, and that is the Díaz Hermanos y Cía venture Company and owner was Cándido Vega Díaz. Later this Company was renamed as Rey Del Mundo Cigar Company. This company produced some other famous brand, like Sancho Panza, Rafael González, and Don Cándido. Production was stopped because of the revolution and after that it started again. But some changes was made at that time, the palates was changed. Milder’s more like the brand and And 1960’s to 1970’s it gained the highest popularity. It has a mild and complex flavor that is liked by many specially the beginners. Honduran cigarette was decided to make, and the quality was maintained very carefully. Women were assigned in this great recreation and refreshment in the next position of men in Europe. It was common for a man to discuss any event or any business solution, but women were banned to enter those places and also same for the children and girls. In the modern age women were started to smoke and Cuban Cigars has influenced them in this regard. Now many famous women use to smoke and they also rolled as a model in advertize in Cigar. From the Europeans it exported to the Asians, and now all over the world. El Rey Del Mundo is a party of Coronas Deluxe, Elegantes and other famous Vitolas. It has several flavors and varies with different fillers stuffed in the cigar. The ring sizes have variety, so people can find any in their comfortable zone. This Cigar is best to enjoy with dessert. It has the reputation and popularity and people generally do not pay their attention on its price. The flavors and aroma of El Rey Del Mundo is special, because it has ligero tobacco in it. This kind of tobacco, are top level leaves with the most high quality flavor and also strongest. With the dark oily wrapping process this cigar creates a huge difference in the world of cigar, as it is always aware about the quality with the outlook. Some of the products have nice coffee flavors with a twist of sweetness. Still most of the products have strong taste with bold smoking. With the spicy art of flavors it can fades into a woody taste with toasted notes. With the best performance and great service it is one of the best and popular cigars. It gives a great taste with maduro wrappers. With the medium color wrapping it gives Honduras Binders and fillers. The strength of this Cigar is Medium to full. Special Wooden Barrels used in El Rey Del Mundo , and filled with unique tobacco, the aim of the El Rey Del Mundo production is to deliver smooth flavor that is different from other cigars. El Rey Del Mundo is liked by all kind of people, as it tend to be full bodied and also medium bodied flavor. After the third barrel fermentation the El Rey Del Mundo fillers get its smooth flavor and body. It fills with two best Cuban leaves that is- Seco and Ligero. The blend is very smooth and tasty, so people, who want perfectness, love El Rey Del Mundo. The strength of this cigar is robust and strong, so attract people a lot. Who want to have a soft flavor with the taste of coffee El Rey Del Mundo is the best option. Each and every cigar of El Rey Del Mundo has different taste, some of them have black coffee taste, and some them has the fresh roasted flavor of coffee beans. Not only that, the sweetness of its flavor and tremendous aroma of this cigar very much infatuated. And the taste of the limited edition is tremendous and has aged wrapper. People who tasted El Rey Del Mundo with leathery taste with the finest flavor will never going to forget that in their life. El Rey Del Mundo has several Vitolas like: Choix Supreme, Lunch Club, Demi Tass, Petit Corona and they are handmade. This brand is a classic brand and a great pride for Cuban cigar. It has perfect draw and construction with great appearance. And the blend of the tobacco is also good. El Rey Del Mundo is one of the finest cigars so people should try it at least for one time. This brand creates a great and perfect evening cigar with a good taste and good looks with affordable range. So people like it very much.


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