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On 19th November 1996 Cuaba was introduced by Francisco Linares, president of Habanos at Great Britain. This cigar was launched as a perfect line cigar and to awaken Figurados that was a very popular one in twentieth century’s, but denied in 1950. Carlos Izuierdo Gonzalez was the creator of the line. Other renowned and skilled Torcrsores involved with making of Figurados. The real Cuaba were not as same as Figurados, with different sizes but similar boxes, Cigar Mold was not used to compress them into the body. After one year later, the mold was finally ready for Cuaba and

Most of the Cuaba are produced in the Romeo Y Julieta ( Briones Montoto) Factory, and maximum cigar authority said that the blend of Cuaba has the same taste as Romeo Y Julieta Production. But, Gonzalez disagrees with that, he said that the Cuaba blend is similar to Montecristo and he designated it. Cuaba proved itself with its Excellency and in 1998, it was decided to be produced with an uncommon Vitola, only very few brand chosen for this special release in a millennium reserve ceramic jar package. The first huge production of this cigar produced for release in 1996, London Market. Most of the people think that the word Cuaba comes from North America, but they are wrong originally the word Cuaba is Indian, the meaning is special bush that is use for lighting the Cuban Tobacco. The categorization of the cigar depends on its shape and its size, which is Vitola. There are four types of Cuaba cigar that can give you quality feeling of smoking. They are The DIVINOS, The EXCLUSIVOS, The TRAFICONALES AND The GENEROSOS. The ring gauge sizes and the shapes of these cigars are different from each other. The ratings and dimensions are also not similar. But the unique taste and smoothness with endless feeling of joy and satisfaction are common in all. Not only that they all contain the high quality flavor of Cuban tobacco and the quality of the first standard cigar. And the Vitolas of Cuaba are classified and available in different sizes and shapes. The popularity of Cuaba increased very rapidly, so Cubans understood that they should increase their production and they did with including different flavors. They also increase the quality of the blend and make it smoother for the Cuaba lovers. The sweetness and the softness of this cigar attract people in a great deal. It continuously produces high quality of cigars and keeps its production. Sometimes it includes some limited edition which makes its more preferable choice. Some of the Cuaba has a meaty taste, which is rare. Who love Cuban cigars a lot; Cuaba produces some great products for them. Full bodied and outstanding taste of Cuaba helps people to forget their sorrows and also make them feel Royal. With the Figurdo shaped bonus it gives a high quality of tobacco. It finishes slowly and burn till the end, those who love Cuaba this is one of the best reasons to like it. After crossing the first camber the smoke became so smooth and easier. Some of the Cuaba has a strong smoke feeling for the hard smokers. Those are much stronger and not preferable for the beginners. For the thrill lovers, Cuaba produce with high quality flavors with chocolaty taste, or dark coffee aroma. Some of the flavors of Cuaba are inspired by the taste of the Honey. Initially it gives a gentle taste, but after that the feeling is with full strength and with the full commitment with great quality. This cigar can give those a great surprise who want a highly strong flavor with a rough radish look. Cuaba attracts attention in a great deal with its attractive looks and also its attractive taste, the roll of this cigar done perfectly with triple cap. The line of the burn is rather straight and bun very slowly, so give full taste. The most important thing of this cigar is different products has different taste, in some cigar can feel like peeper, and some smooth and creamy. The deeper is the richer of this cigar. With the hint of hot summer it will give a feel of spring. Those who want spiciness and woody taste, they can get it from Cuaba. There is some unusual and meaty flavor also, that can attract people a lot. The difference of Cuaba and the other cigars is that, it produces both for the strong flavor lovers and also for the soft flavor lovers. The fillers are exclusively qualified and extraordinary. And the limited editions are fully different from the others, as the fillers of them are exclusive. The Cedary taste is not that strong, so some of the products are not so much pleasant for the strong smokers. Some of them have leathery and different taste. Some of the leaves are very smooth and gives a great taste. With woody flavor some of the cigars of Cuaba, give a hint of Pepper. The wrappers are dark and there are some huge channels in it. It contains sharp scent, many of them has strong tobacco flavor. Some of the products have brown and shiny wrappers, with water channels in it. The packaging of cigar is very polished and perfect and the packets are attractive. The mixture of the limited edition with regular production makes this cigar more different and tasty. Both of them contain gold, so they are special. With a light weight and dark wrap it is very nice and attractive to see, not only that it is also very tremendous taste. Whoever tries this brand is very pleased and happy with the format of Cuaba. The Cuaba is young member in the Cuban cigar brand, but with its most preferable taste and service it is getting the highest popularity in all over the world. The construction, appearance, flavors and value all is in the highest perfect zone that makes Cuaba more demandable.


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