You have logged on to By this action it is hereby assumed that yu also accept the terms and conditions governing this site. The subject terms shall be governing all the orders received and processed further through the site. All transactions in course of the business conduct through this site shall be governed by these terms and conditions only. “Please note that according to US law no Cuban cigars can be shipped into the US.”


Point 1: Conditions for Acceptance 

All clients hereby confirm that once they have completed the order and subsequently confirmed it for  further processing, they has also accepted all the terms and conditions governing such contract as per stipulations detailed here and otherwise.

Point 2 : Order Verification and Termination of Contract if required

The website is merely a window to advertise the products for sale and the act of merely offering the product for sale does not result in a legally binding obligation on  Once the client has placed the order, it shall be well within the right of to verify the order before acceptance for execution. Only when the client completes the payments related to the order and these payments have been successfully verified by, that the order shall be considered to be accepted by for execution.

The processes of acceptance of the orders normally take 3 days after receipt of the order from client complete in all respects. The acceptance and rejection of order shall solely be the prerogative of as per the issues related to product availability, logistic problems or any other issue coming in way of timely completion of order. shall also reserve the right not to accept any payment sent by client subsequent to placement of order with them.

Point 3: General terms and Condition

3.1 Responsibilities of shall stands committed to do their to sell and deliver the ordered product by the client at the give address. But such obligation shall be subject to non performance for reasons not in direct control of and for reasons not attributable to We shall endeavour to place the product for delivery with the carrier of our choice in next 3 days after acceptance of order and payment. This time of 3 days shall not include the off days.  If the product is available for delivery before the above mentioned time, the same shall be informed to the client in advance and shall be dispatched for delivery after receiving the client’s confirmation.

3.2 Responsibilities of client

It shall be the sole responsibility of the client to clearly give the correct address for delivery at the time of placement of the order. For successful execution of the order it shall also be the responsibility of the client to submit all the payments in full related to the product as well as other taxes/duties/levies and the packaging, shipping and delivery cost. By placing the order on this website with, the clients shall also confirm that the subject order is to take products for own use and not for resale to transfer of ownership in any form. 

Choice of product as well as proper handling of product after receipt shall be the responsibility of client only with no recourse to whatsoever. To comply with the rules/ regulation of the country where the product is ordered to be delivered shall be the sole responsibility of the client. shall not be responsible for any loss of damage to client in course of use of the product.

3.3 General Obligations:

“We do not sell our products to any person under 18”

Point 4.0: Special Terms and Conditions

4.1 Shipping Bill as the Price

The price of the product as shown on the site of is complete inclusive of all product cost and also the shipping, packaging, handling costs. The price is normally stated and payment shall also be made in US$ and the rate if mentioned in any other currency shall be just for information and not for actual sale.

4.2 Schedule and Mode of Delivery

Once the order is accepted, shall be committed to deliver the product to the client anytime from 3 days to the 22 days. We shall do everything possible in our capacity but the final delivery shall be subject to the conditions and the country where the order is to be delivered.

In case at the time of delivery, the carrier observed that there is nobody to receive the order then a note shall be left by the carrier at the given address declaring that action was completed to do the delivery, but the same could not be done, for reasons not attributable to  In such a situation it shall be the sole responsibility of the client to go to the given address at his own cost to collect the order. 

In case the clients fails to do so, it shall not be the obligation of in case after that any damage or loss happens to the product. The costs and risks that are associated to the country where the order has been asked to be delivered shall solely rest with client and the obligation of shall be limited to make best efforts to de-icer product with no responsibility to do so in case the reasons for non-delivery are for reasons not attributable


The timeframe declared above is based on the time required to ship the product from warehouse and deliver it at the required destination. It is not inclusive of delays for reasons as delay in customs or any other offices, whatsoever or any other reason not attributable to

4.3 Shipment Risk is responsible for the delivery of the product to the customer

4.4 Receipt Completion or Terms for Return/Change or refund of money

It shall always be the effort of to do everything in best of their capacity to satisfy the client. But even after this for any reason if the client wants to refund the product and want 100% refund than it is very much allowed subject to certain condition. 

The refund is entertained when the reason of return is attributed to poor product quality, incomplete quantity, wrong supply of product or damage in transit. The client shall be responsible to send the product back to and only after receiving 95% of the product (with in 1 week of delivery of product) shipped the refund shall be process to the credit card from where the payment was made.

After putting the product for return it shall be the responsibility of the client to inform of the tracking no in 2 business days maximum of the receipt of product.

4.5 Guarantee guarantees that the product delivered shall be genuine and confirm to the product specification as mentioned in the website. We also guarantee that our product shall be fresh and excellent quality. The guarantee of is limited to only this with no other direct or indirect responsibility afterwards.


If for any reason some of the terms of this document sis made ineligible then it shall not make other terms ineligible. and the client shall not be held responsible to meet their obligations if reasons of failure are for force-majeure conditions as war, floods, riots, earthquake, less product supply etc.

All the product and content displayed on this site are governed by the Federal and International Copyright law of the U.S.A and must be copied with sole permission of the owner.

The product that is for persons of more than 18 years old and the client will have to give proffer of their age for delivery of product.

4.7: All payments would be processed through: Asia:
Premium Cigars Ltd.
Unit 1010, Miramar Tower, 132 Nathan Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Company Number: 1272517 Europe
Duntes Street 23a
Riga, LV-1055

4.7. Contact information

If you have any questions regarding your products and services please contact our customer service support via email [email protected] We will try to respond within next 48 hours.

Carazo Enterprise SL
Calle Andres, Perdomo S/N
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 35008
Reg. number: B86566148

4.8. Payment descriptor

*** The charge will appear on your credit card statement as CUBANCIGARPLAZA.COM ***


The Product(s) will be delivered to the address indicated by the buyer within a period of three (3) to twenty two (22) days (only business days taken into account). The delivery time given to the Customer by may vary depending on the country involved.
In case delivery is made and nobody is at the indicated address to accept delivery, the carrier shall leave a note indicating that it was unsuccessful in making the delivery and that the Customer should come to recover the Products at a location specified by the carrier.
We will not, for any reason, be held liable for any deterioration in the Products due to a Customers failure to collect the Products in a timely manner. Customers should accommodate to any laws or taxes applicable in their country and will take responsibility of any risks if they exist. Worldwide delivery guaranteed!
“Please note that according to US law no Cuban cigars can be shipped into the US.”

5.1. TAXES

We are not responsible for extra time held in Customs. Customers should accommodate to any laws or taxes applicable in their country and will take responsibility of any risks if they exist.


The Customer shall clearly indicate the address to which the Products are to be delivered during business hours. The Customer undertakes to pay the stated price of the product, delivery and any other direct or indirect expenses of this order as well as to pay, or have paid, directly to the carrier any additional amount that might arise due to custom duties, value added tax or other taxes due upon import into the country where the Products are delivered. All products purchased on our website are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and NOT re-sale.


All sales are final, we do not offer returns.


We will proceed with the refund if your order has been lost or damaged. In this case the customer has to contact our customer service representative via email at [email protected] within perior of 72 hours of being received the damaged product in order to receive a replacement or refund. If your order has been lost please contact us via email within perior of 22-30 days of order shipping notification and we will proceed with shipment investigation, in case the order is being declared as "lost" by a courier we will replace it within perior of 7 days.


Shipping price is 30 USD or its equivalent in other currency. Shipments made via traceable airmail service. Tracking numbers will be provided upon shipment. Depending on the products and amount ordered, there is usually a delay of 3-7 business days to provide the tracking number.