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The word Cohiba means Tobacco. Cobiha is a premium cigar brand that is available in mainly two varieties. First one is produced by the Habanos SA of Cuba. This variety is made of the premium grade extra fermented Cuban tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region. This product was launched in 1968, on the special insistence of Fidel Castro, to be used by the government officials, elite people or to be used for diplomatic gifts. This is one of the most famous brands among cigar lovers. This brand has been made available to general public from 1982. This variety is not allowed to
The great flavor of the Cohiba brand comes from the 3rd special fermentation of the tobacco using special wooden barrels that give the special smooth flavour to this cigar. Initially these cigars were rolled in the El Laguito factory which was actually a mansion near Havana. The work was done under tight security. Later on the production of these cigars was also started at the factory located in Partagas but this was done by using the readymade special tobacco as received from the El Laguito factory. The Cohiba Cigars are normally rolled into the medium and full bodied flavor varieties. The Manufacturers At present Cohiba is available from two sources. The one is produced by Habanos S.A. in Cuba. Habanos S.A. is the Cuban state owned tobacco company. This brand is normally sold in different parts of the works except U.S. This brand is made by using the premium tobacco grown in the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba and is made special by the special multi stage fermentation process. The other variety is produced by General Cigar Company in the Dominican Republic. The General Cigar Company is the US based company which produces this brand for the US market. Because of its special origin as the cigar for the elites, the fan following of this Cuban variety is like a cult. Only from the year 1982 this variety has been made commercially available to the general public also. As the Cuban product are not allowed to be sold in U.S due to trade embargo, hence a US based company with name The General Cigar Company started producing this brand in the Dominical Republic. But this product is for the US market only and thus do not contain any of the Cuban tobacco. It has only the name of the original thing. The Cohiba Vitolas The different violas or the sizes of these Cuban Cohiba Cigars that have been launched are briefed below: Initially in 1982, when these cigars were commercially launched, they were introduced in three sizes The Lancero, the Panetala and the Corona. In 1989 3 more sizes with name Robusto, Espendido and Exquisito were also added. The 3 sizes of 1982 combined with 3 sizes launched in 1989 are called the Cohiba Linea Clasica (the classical line of Cohiba) In 1992 Habanos SA launched the new Linea 1492 range consisting of 5 sizes calles Siglo I to Siglo V. Later on in 2002 the sixth Sigo VI was also added. From 2007 a new maduro wrapped variety with name Cohiba Maduro 5 was launched by Habanos SA. In 2010 Habanos SA introduced another famous Cohiba product line with name Cohiba Behike. Besides the regular varieties as explained above, every year Habanos SA also releases special limited edition varieties as Sublime, Piramide or the Double Corona. Some other varieties like Millennium Reserve Piramide are also launched for the special of the specials. In short the Cohiba brand has created a special place for itself among the cigar connoisseurs and is treated with reverence throughout the world.


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