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Bolivar is one of the most popular cigars among the whole world and the best example of the strongest and full bodied cigars. In 1901 Bolivar was founded by a legend, his name is Jose Rocha, but under J.F. it was registered and the year was 1921. At that time, “Delgado” was manufactured by Bolivar and that was smallest and tiniest cigar, 17/8 inches in length. The box was designed in the windsor castle was also come from Bolivar. Bolivar brand then acquired by Cifuentes Y Cia in 1954 after the death of Rocha and the production was transferred in the Havana’s partagas facto

In 2002, a controlling share and power in the Cuban cigar distributor bought by Atladis that is Habanos SA. After that huge changes were made in the production of cigar in Cuba. One of the significant changes was Machine Made or Hand Made lines. But Bolivar has manufactured many Machine Made, Machine finished or Hand Made products for the cigar lovers. Several products of Bolivar had its tremendous cut and vitolas look from the very early time. At Wolters in Germany, Cologne in 2005 Habanos SA produced a few cases of gold medals for their business Bolivar products were tremendous as it is covered with precious foil of gold with a special Bolivar brand. This strongest and full bodied cigar Bolivar has its name from Simon Bolivar, a very popular and celebrated Venezuelan warrior and political leader. This man liberated Venezuela, and part of Columbia, Peru and Bolivia. His struggle for Latin America earns freedom from Spain was remarkable and also unforgettable. In American’s history this man is a dominant figure. He considered as a symbol of power, and that is the reason to give the cigar name Bolivar. After 71 years of Simon Bolivar’s death the cigar company of Rocha gives the name of him to the best cigar. Not only that, his portrait is also printed on the labels of the cigar. To decorate this cigar and to make it more attractive the company packed it in nice and designed box of woods. The construction of Bolivar is perfect as the flavor and texture are extra ordinary. The taste of a cigar is the important characteristic of it, and Bolivar has the strongest taste, just like its name. So, this cigar is not preferable for the fresher’s, especially who are starting their smoking. All cigar lovers like this brand, because of its verities of choices. The Bolivar brand has also been chosen for its special sizes in regional releases. This one is conspicuous cigars famous for its great taste. There are many classy people, who want to buy this cigar because of its glamour and high class. It gives the real enjoyment and feeling. Popularity of a cigar mainly depends on two things, the filler and brand. Bolivar has several flavors and varies with different fillers stuffed in the cigar. As Bolivar has the reputation and popularity, people generally do not pay their attention on its price, though sometimes it is high than the other brands. The handmade product of Bolivar gives a wonderful taste, so people enjoy it from their heart. Now Bolivar is manufacturing the cigars in two ways, some of them are manufactured in the Republic of Dominican and are filled with Nicaraguan Tobacco and also Dominican Tobacco. From Esteli and Omepete, the tobacco of Nicaragua exported. Omepete (the meaning is “between two hills”) located in Nicaragua Lake, one of the largest source of freshwater. That place has a very fertile land of coffee and tobacco, so increases the quality of Bolivar flavor. Other type of Bolivars is made inside the Cuba and manufacturing is done by Habanos SA. It is the famous Cuban state owned Tobacco Company. This Brand is ruling the market from a long time and has increasing numbers of potential users, who are with Bolivar from a long time. The reason is they don’t get the feelings from the other brands; the powerful and exotic taste of it is very rare. Bolivar produces the products, for the people who are looking for rich and regal taste. This is a very old name in the cigar industry. The flavors and aroma of Bolivar is special, because it has ligero tobacco in it. This kind of tobacco, are top level leaves with the most high quality flavor and also strongest. Some of the products have nice coffee flavors with a twist of sweetness. Still most of the products have strong taste with bold smoking. Bolivar cigars are firm and have excellent oily wrappers. Havana media tiempo is the binder of this finest cigar brand and that converts to plants of seeds in Havana, taking the Mid Term tobaccos from the top level of the seed plant. Moreover it has outstanding construction with strong taste. Bolivar has some products with classic viona under the Torpedo format and very well known for the robust power of them. The outstanding appearance of Bolivar cigar will not fail to impress cigar aficionados. Some of the Bolivars are very popular because they covered in glistening chocolaty wrapper, with significant oiliness. Bolivar Cigars are perfectly manufactured and constructed with no traces of adhesive and also able to please people. With the spicy art of flavors it can fades into a woody taste with toasted notes. With the best performance and great service it is one of the best and popular cigars. Until the last puff people enjoy this brand and that’s the secret of the popularity of Bolivar all over the world.


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