Bolivar Royal Coronas

  • Length :124 mm / 4. 8 inches
  • Ring Gauge :
  • Strength :100
  • Duration :
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Structure and appearance: Extremely small and fat. Agreeable to the view, about reassuring. The Bolivar Royal Corona seems extremely appealing. The feeling is single of nonviolence. Non-disturbing structure with tight, however, soft fastening. It has an astonishing sketch, as well as a polite column of smoke, not excessively imposing, other than at a suitable stage. The burn was really perfect, every the way. Taste & Flavor: Extremely dissimilar as of the order of the Bolivar relations, this is a gentle to middle bodied Robusto which is distant softer during smoke than the customary Bolivar cigar. These cigars explore sugary fruit, down-to-earth as well as woody smells with no still being violent. This mixture of prohibited influence as well as seductive sugary flavors builds this Robusta extremely accepted for the recent smokers. The taste begins extremely soft, as well as begins to obtain on a pleasant vigorous heftiness. There’s an extremely noticeable as well as an agreeable down-to-earth wood hint of it. While the soul of this very well Bolivar starts to resolve within, there is a substantial sagacious of the flavor which has prepared it for the example controversial selection. I, for single, believe it to be a well adding to the vigor of the smokes. Lighting it up: Down-to-earth with some spicy as well as woody aromas. This charitable Havana should be proscribed. Smoke it extremely little by little by taking little usual puff. This is a rural Havana, transporting a down-to-earth highly spiced smoke. The last gives additional suggestions of black intersperse. Behind a highly spiced dinner otherwise with a huge sturdy digest if, illuminate a Royal Co.

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Bolivar Royal Coronas

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