Bolivar Belicosos Finos

  • Length :140 MM / 5.5 INCHES
  • Ring Gauge :
  • Strength :FULL
  • Duration :
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The Bolivar Belicosos Finos is one of the seductive cigars produced in Havana. It is perfectly enclosed in a dark chocolaty cover with a very attractive appeal. It offers a strong but delicious smoke that is very classic, a bit old fashioned but very delightful. This Bolivar cigar can be what a Cuban cigar should be. Its unique flavor of pleasing harshness, lovely bitter and woody spice taste and aroma. Its fine smoke is just irresistible most perfect after meals and a glass of good wine. Smoking Belicosos Finos is like drinking a good cup of coffee with loads of cream for a smooth and aromatic experience.

It will be more worth it to smoke the cigar by knowing a bit about its history. Basically, the Bolivar Belicosos Finos is one of the cigars named after Simon Bolivar who is among the great historical persona in the 19th century. He was the one who liberated most of the Latin America from the rule of the Spaniards. The Bolivar cigar brand was developed in the year 1902 and is now being produced by the Partagas factory located in the middle of Havana. It is astounding that a Habano cigar was created to match the power and strength of a very dominant figure in history. The Bolivar variety possesses the most aromatic and the strongest compared with other Habanos making it one of the well loved cigar brands among seasoned smokers. Since its introduction in 1902, this powerful cigar was widely known and associated to its namesake. The heroic and liberating acts of Simon Bolivar were never forgotten. As a well celebrated Venezuelan hero that liberated nations in Latin America such as Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia. This cigar brand was created by Jose Roche and were manufactured at a factory in Havana. It was in the year 1927 when a Spanish industrialist named Jose Rocha registered this cigar using the name of the Spanish liberator Simon Bolivar as a trademark. In the year 1944, it was bought by Cifuentes, a cigar company that operates the Partagas. Since then, the Bolivar cigars such as the Belicosos Finos have become a group of the world acclaimed Cifuentes factory. All Bolivar tobacco comes from Pinar Del Rio or the Vuelta Abajo but some of the wrappers come from the province of Havana. The Bolivar Belicosos Finos cigar just like other Bolivar cigars are distinguished by its distinct character and power that is set is not too strong but very powerful along with a pleasant aroma and lovely flavor. Almost all of the Bolivar cigars are wrapped in cigar wrappers that are dark that have a little bit reddish. The Belicosos Finos cigar is just one of the 20 cigar varieties under the Bolivar trademark. Among others are the Bolivar Coronas Gigantes or the Churchill and the Lonsdale or the Bolivar Immensas. The Bolivar cigars serve as a tribute to Cuban heritage along with tobaccos from Central America and the Carribean. Similar to its flavor, the history of Bolivar Belicosos Finos is very rich. It has its beginnings in Cuba in the beginning of the 20th century. Since its first day on the market, the Bolivar cigars have been popular and sought after and regarded as a premium cigar.

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