If you are a cigar connoisseur and surfing net to get hold of a good store to buy one, you have come at the right place as at Cubancigarsplaza.com we have the best selection of Cuban cigars. We have established ourselves as the online shop of Cuban cigars with the biggest range on offer. With required logistics to deliver cigars in good shape anywhere in the world, we guarantee for the 100% authentic products. With us you can be sure of the most memorable shopping experience

Original Products

We have on offer the 100% original products from Habanos SA. To support our claim we always provide the authenticity certificates from Habanos to establish that cigars that we sell are the fresh and genuine product from Habanos. The packages are always sealed by our most modern seals made from synthetic paper base and with features that you will not find anywhere else. The seal is highly adhesive and cannot be removed. If removed it will be destroyed and cannot be reapplied. It is also provided with bar code along with specially embedded micro dots, to check authenticity with the help of laser scanners.

The bar codes as mentioned on the packages are stored in the data base available on our website so that the buyer can cross-check for the authenticity of the product finally received. So, no one will be able to fool you and when you get your product from us you have all the means available to be doubly sure.

We take all the above pains to ensure that our customers get the best of the genuine products they are paying for.

Customer Support

The customer support service of Cubancigarsplaza.com has been groomed to match the expectation of the customers to make your buying experience online a really memorable one. Our representative shall always be available 24x7 to help you on any issue related to the online buying of your favourite cigars. Our staff is fully trained to be the best people to consult if you are not able to decide or want some more information about the products. They are the best available experts to educate you on any issue related to cigars in general be it the product itself, how it is made, how to choose the best cigar etc.

We are available 24x7 and the customers can send their enquiries online on [email protected]. You can be sure that we shall reply promptly. In case you can spare your telephone number then our reps shall call you at the time of your convenience anywhere on the globe. We believe that the customers must be given 100% satisfaction and for this we are always ready to go extra mile to assist you in anything related to cigar purchase from our site.

So, in order to make an informed purchase please send us mail or call us and we shall respond with best of our ability to make you understand that not only you have chosen the right product but will ensure that you have the wonderful buying experience to come back again. Our involvement does not end with only selling the product. If you have any query even after buying the product at any stage, we shall feel obliged to assist you anytime.


Product Shipping

We know that our customers are available worldwide and take it as our duty to reach them with our product to the place of their convenience. So, we have aligned with the best of courier services to deliver the cigars throughout the globe anywhere in the minimum possible time.  All that you are required to do is to make your order to us either through mail or through phone and we shall deliver the product to the place of your choice be it your home or any other place. We guarantee delivery of product in best and sound condition otherwise we do not expect to be paid. We always assure that after getting the payment the cigars shall be delivered as the designated place maximum in a week. Mind it that this is the maximum time for most difficult of the locations. But for more conveniently location destination, the delivery can be done even faster. 

When you can get the best and the genuine cigars, with no hassle, at your doorstep then where are the need to explore for other options outside. To make sure that your sensitive credit card details and other financial details are kept secure, our website is equipped with the best certificates to conduct business in safe and secure manner. The website is guarded with state of the art antivirus and malware protection, to ensure that your information is well guarded against the hackers and online criminal elements. So, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that you can trust our website as well our product alike.

It does not matter where you are. We have desired logistics to deliver the product anywhere in the world so that you get your favourite cigar in best shape and nothing comes in your way to enjoy your next cigar. So, no worries, no runnings around, just send us the order with payment and you shall get your original cigars at most economical rates right at your doorsteps. 

Want to know your Cigar – Call us !

We always welcome our customers, on any other person as the case may be, who is interested to know more about cigars like how they are made, what differentiates a original product from fake, how to ensure that your cigar is authentic and above all how to handle store and use the product. If you want to know how to conduct yourself in public while offering or smoking your cigars, our customer service representatives shall guide you on this. Our website has the required information for the newcomers as well as the connoisseurs to assist them in choosing the right product that they are looking for.

If we are wrong please tell us!

It is always our effort to give the best to our customers. For this we welcome your suggestions and guidance so that we can further improve upon our services, products and the delivery.